Multi Trading Platform

Now you can simplify your trading experience only with Launch FXM’s multi trading platform where one gets hands on to the multiple markets to trade.

Certainly Launch FXM is a leading technology provider and always trusts in offering the best trading services to the clients.

In addition Launch FXM brings to you the most powerful and advanced trading platform.

Moreover our MT5 multi-asset trading platform helps traders trade on various financial markets which helps them explore the market in the best way possible.

Our MetaTrader 5 is a multi-asset platform providing excellent trading opportunities in Forex, stocks, and futures also it offers tools for technical analysis, as well as allowing copy trading and automated trading.

Benefits of trading on a multi asset trading platform:

Wide range of opportunities to trade:

With Launch FXM’s multi asset trading platform; the traders get various opportunities to trade.

If a trader is just limited to trading on one asset then they lay off many opportunities knocking on the door.

On the other hand, trading on multi asset platforms; one gets to trade on multiple markets and makes themselves a way of being a better trader by trading on various assets.

Helps traders increase their trading portfolio:

A good trader is the one who has a good trading portfolio in the market which means who has made good trades trading on various markets such as stocks, futures, metals, etc.

Launch FXM’s multi asset trading platform gives a chance for traders to increase their trading portfolio by giving them an opportunity to trade on a multi asset trading platform.

150+ Trading Instruments:

Certainly in order to explore the market and grow their trading portfolio, our trading platform provides different trading instruments for traders to trade on.

Ultra-Fast Trade Execution:

Our trading platform provides unmatchable speed for trade execution, enabling traders to position orders immediately without any delay.

Ultra-Fast Trade Execution:

Moreover, in order to get all the details, our trading platform provides an instant notification and alerts about any certain market changes.

Technical Indicators:

In addition, our multiple asset classes platform provides different tools and indicators for technical analysis.

It thus help traders understand the market fairly well.

Various features offered by Launch FXM’s multi asset trading platform:

  • Variations in timeframes
  • 38 in built technical indicators
  • Easy accessibility
  • Automated trading
  • 44 graphical objects
  • Instant alerts
  • User friendly
  • Expert Advisors
  • Real volume data
  • Analytic abilities

In conclusion, Launch FXM offers MT5 multi trading platform at the most convenient price in the market.

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