Grey Label Forex Solutions

Launch FXM offers White and Grey Label Forex Solutions at the most affordable price in the market.

Forex Trading has grown as the largest market all over the world. Every day new traders and brokers are coming, making or losing money and building their business.

If you’re looking to launch your own forex business, you’d need to know about white label and grey label forex solutions.

White Label Forex

White label forex solutions allow you to put your brand name while using trading platforms like MT4/MT5 trading solutions.

It is ideal for individuals who are experienced or keen on building their own brand.

Key benefits of acquiring white label forex solutions for your brokerage business:

  • Packed with end to end technology
  • Customizable based on your requirements
  • Quicker way to launch your forex brokerage
  • Allows you to skip costs and time for set up, testing and going live
  • Simplifies licensing complications
  • Provides deep understanding on running your own brokerage

Grey Label Forex

Grey label forex solutions are cost efficient when compared with white label forex and also effective.

If you are planning to start up your own forex brokerage business, grey label forex would be convenient.

Here, you get the grey label license from a white label broker. However, you can still build your own brand name.

Though it gives you the benefit of building your brand, users might get confused with 2 brand names.

Moreover, additional costs and time has to be lost when you would want to become a white label broker.

White label Vs Grey label

Comparatively, Grey label is the cost –effective way to launch a new forex business. However, for moving on, you would have to expand your business in future. Grey label forex solution is probably not the cost efficient one for such cases.

White label or Grey label; consult us to know which suits you the best. We at Launch FXM provide forex solutions at affordable rates.


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