Six Things To Ensure Before Choosing The Trading Solutions

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You are a forex brokerage company that seeks the best trade solutions for your brokerage?

Or an individual or team in the planning stage to begin a Forex courier?

If you have answered one of the questions “yes,” do not look any more. That’s your article!

Now, you can make your first move if you have yet to integrate and obtain a license. Before doing this, you will have to look at and understand the different jurisdictions to get an expert like LaunchFXM to do that for you.

Once you’ve got a business model and a brand strategy, the main thing is that you have the best possible trading solutions!

A combination of a user-friendly interface, reliable and stable trading networks and state-of-the-art software, customized CRM & Back Office for forex, deep liquidity, payment solutions, an intuitive customer base with many features, and additional resources to enhance your costing experience and development, such as a social dealer and a risk manager, would be the ideal solution for Forex Trading.

You know that you have arrived if you find a Forex turnkey solution provider who is able to offer this.

For most beginners and perhaps also some other forex courts, this can be daunting. Then, let’s break it down slowly. We assume that not only do you know precisely what forex solutions you need, but how you need them.

Phase 1: Decide how you plan to work for yourself

Depending on your company size, the money you are prepared to invest and your time and resources, there are more than a few ways to dive into the forex brokerage market.

One is to start by branding the complete package of a solution provider as your own using a white label brokerage solution. The other is to start your own independent forex brokerage by selecting only solutions from a forex solutions provider that you know you need.

We’ve got you covered, whatever of these you choose!

Step 2: Understand the requirements of your customer platform

It is important to know first the average customer service criteria before moving into the functionality or resources that you need to give your customers. The traditional Forex Trading solution consists of an MT4/MT5 trader, or in-house replica, to be downloaded to the customer’s system for trading.

At a time when the majority of people are not everywhere or use the same laptop/device, however, it is important that a more mobile platform is offered which will do the same job.

The LaunchFXM Web Trader, for example, gives your customers easy and secure access from any browser or operating system on an FX trading platform without downloading or installing anything on one of your devices. This is a complete branded solution that syncs perfectly with the MT4 to make your customers feel comfortable with the brand and can keep track of your trade as in the downloaded MT4 software.

However, the LaunchFXM Mobile Trader is a powerful and sophisticated mobile Forex trading app that supports iOS and Android smartphones and tablets for those who wish to trade without even having to open their laptops. This app offers full business capabilities with real-time commercial alerts and notifications to make sure your customers don’t miss anything that happens on the market at any time.

Step 3: Make sure you are a good provider of liquidity

As liquidity thrives on the forex market, the extent of your liquidity offered for your customers as a forex brokerage may be the dealer or disruptor for many traders.

This becomes all the more important to make sure that your forex solutions provider can guarantee liquidity if you don’t have a network for your liquidity on your own.

In this respect, it is also important that you become a liquidity provider who can offer a range of products/instruments, high-speed business, stable and reliable feed, negative and positive slippage statistics, full reporting packages and a range of software solutions at competitive prices. All of these products are available for a competitive price.

Step 4: Get into your clients ‘ shoes and understand their everyday business needs – Customer Cabinet

Your average customer spends most of their day or at least all of their trading period with a customer office or a trader room. If you have understood the needs of this platform from the point of view of the trader, you can build the ideal customer office as a courier.

Your average customer spends most of their day or at least all of their trading period with a customer office or a trader room. If you have understood the needs of this platform from the point of view of the trader, you can build the ideal customer office as a courier.

In order to fund the trade accounts with sufficient control, your customers must be able to handle their e-wallets and can also deposit or withdraw at one-clicking. To support your client’s funding process, it is a necessity to search and integrate with Maximum Known Payment Service Providers (PSPs).

In addition to the obvious features, such as solid security and fast-access customer support, a great customer office with all key features on a website (when required), allowing you to meet a global audience and to achieve a much larger customer base. as a broker.

Step 5: Help your clients grow by being a trustworthy expert

A huge proportion of forex traders using your products are beginners or amateurs who may not be free to take chances and still have to know the market. The best way to get these customers going is by a social trader or a copy trader where they can research different effective traders and then build their own strategies.

Choose a supplier of Forex solutions that is constantly available for consultation and continuous customer support. A committed Chief Performance Officer, with an expert such as LaunchFXM, can deal with your day-to-day problems.

Step 6 (The most important step): Make sure you have the best of the main resources – CRM and Risk Manager

You are the core of your Forex Company Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

It is the central platform for managing the operations of a Forex Brokerage efficiently and helps to maximize profitability. The ideal CRM allows you to utilize your customer data in order to provide you with the best experience and to generate new revenues.

This will include the key features, including MT4/MT5 and the internet and app trading sites for your existing tools. Tap here to show an incredible list of the utter essentials of a CRM!

Now that you know precisely what your CRM needs, look at the Risk Manager tool, the next equally important tool.

In a very volatile market, the forex industry has succeeded in thriving. However, there are many risks to be ignored and dangerous. The LaunchFXM Risk Manager Tool helps you monitor and manage your positions and risks at any given time, and leads to the maximum satisfaction and profitability of your brokerage among various traders or trade groups. For the performance of your forex brokerage, a good risk management tool is critical.

This takes us to the end of “a quick reading of the best ways of understanding strategies for foreign trade.”

When you choose your Forex Trading solutions, adopt this six-step approach, you will end up with a professional provider of turnkey forex solutions like LaunchFXM!



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