Forex Brokers 4 ways to Support You With Onboard Customers

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Here you will see 4 ways to best forex broker for beginners Support You With Onboard Customers

Worldwide, Top Forex Brokers continue to offer huge growth opportunities to the foreign currency sector.

“The 5 trillion – the average value of all foreign exchange transactions at a given day, according to Reuters was actually reported in 2018.”

In order to compete with, and generate significant ROI, Top Forex Brokers companies need to be able to fulfill advanced multijurisdictional regulatory foreign trading requirements, especially during the customer onboarding process.

To fact, what does this mean?

Your business (KYC), anti-money laundering (AML) and due diligence criteria must be complied with.

Simply speaking, Top Forex Broker companies are obliged to follow appropriate KYC procedures and conduct AML inspections on all clients by regulatory requirements governing all the companies in the financial services sector. The integration and acquisition of new customers is therefore clearly affected. This is why customers leave their platform before being real traders because they do not want an overly complex system.

The LaunchFXM MT5 Solution offers advanced, easy-to-surface, KYC compliance and enforcement functionality.

New entries can be fully automated or include several contact detail validation steps, document verification and more depending on company rules.

2. 3rd party KYC supplier flexible integration.

You want a program that integrates transparent third-party test providers (e.g. WorldCheck) so you can carry out enough tests in real-time onboard. Throughout the process of registration, these controls should be comprehensive and quick.

The LaunchFXM Member Area allows you to integrate third-party suppliers of your choice to allow automatic inspections during the onboarding process.

3. Checking of company suitability and adequacy

Compliance also means ensuring, in compliance with regulation requirements (including MiFID guidelines) that a potential consumer is able to trade in the Forex market. It includes a review of the suitability of deciding whether the consumer is aware of the trading risks in this industry. A sufficiency check is a crucial part of the onboarding process, for obvious reasons.

LaunchFXM allows you to create a custom survey that you can pre-install in the registration form during on-boarding.

The MT5 Solution of the LaunchFXM Member allows brokers to establish a unique and uniform set of issues, so that customer understands the effect of Forex trade correctly.

4. Standardization of business operations demands

The simplification of the procurement and conversion process for all Forex companies involves receiving and processing multiple requests. It generates the need for an effective automated system that can standardize all incoming requests and which then goes anywhere that a current employee has little to do. The program should also be configured to automate regulatory compliance, without continuous human interaction, if necessary.

LaunchFXM registers all necessary procedures and ensures a secure channel to receive customer requests automatically.

This provides a communications channel through which response times to client demands are largely immediate due to automation and standardization.

You are prepared to quickly and easily improve your customer onboard and turn leads into active traders?

Take a Free DEMO and learn how the MT5 Solution of your Launch FXM Member could achieve these objectives.

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