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Are you looking for a complete solution for Start your Own Forex Brokerage under a single roof?

If yes, then get in touch with Launch FXM as we are the leading technology provider in the market offering the most advanced and efficient products and services. Launch FXM offers an entire brokerage solution with advanced technology. Launch FXM provides 100% assistance in setting up a forex brokerage business; from licensing to the advanced products and services, we provide everything you and your business needs. At Launch FXM get end to end solution to all your business-related queries

We are the prime choice of customers because we believe in offering top-notch services. From company formation to licensing and everything we assure to provide complete assistance all through under a single roof!!!

Why Choose us?

1)     Premium Quality

We have over 350 + brokers trusting for the efficiency of our services locally and internationally..

2)     Safety and Security

We fully safeguard your data and do not reveal any of your data to any third party without your permission.

3)      Customized Solutions

We offer customized solutions as per the needs of your business. 

What do We offer?

  1. Brokerage setup:
    Launch FXM offers complete end to end solutions for your brokerage setup by making you start your business at complete convenience. 
  2. Licensing:
    We know how licensing can affect your business, as people approach a highly regulated broker as they develop a sort of trust in them, therefore, our experts who have got industry experience in Financial Licensing will help you get through.
  3. Payment Solutions:
    Seeking the comfort of our customers we have got the finest payment solutions for them.
  4. MT5 White Label:
    Our MT5 white label is totally packaged and personalized. Create a strong mark by offering a customized experience for your customers.
  5. Liquidity Solutions:
    Launch FXM offers top-notch Liquidity solutions to the professional traders, brokers, 

    white labels and hedge funds all over the world.
  6. Trader’s Room:
    Launch FXM’s trader’s room comes with a wide variety of features and hence it is a complete yes to opt for our trader’s room.

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