Privacy Policy

Payment Gateway

The particulars of credit / debit cards and personal information will not be registered, exchanged, posted, leased or leased to third parties.

The facilities of Launchfxm Company Configuration do not transfer debit / credit card data to third parties

In order to ensure privacy and protection of data, Launchfxm Business Setup services takes reasonable action including by different software and hardware methodologies. However, any data that is revealed online can not guarantee the protection (

For Web pages to which it connects, Launchfxm Company Setup Services is not liable for the privacy policy. Different laws extend to the collection and use of your personal information if you give information to these third parties. If you have concerns about using the information they receive, you can email these organizations directly.

The rules and conditions of the website can periodically be modified or revised in compliance with demands and requirements. The consumers are also asked to visit these pages regularly and to update them on their website improvements. Changes are successful on the day they are released.


This website does not gather personal information about you ( until you give this information to us voluntarily. This means that, until you enter the web-site from a connection in an email that we have sent to you, we will not know your name, email address, or any other personal information.

Log information

Our servers record the data in the HTTP application header with the IP address, the time of request and your request URL and other information found in the HTTP header if you are seeking a page on our website. To make our website work properly and to see if we can change this to better support you, we are collecting the HTTP request header information. This knowledge can also be used for statistical research, such as time spent, geographical location, technologies and programs used to navigate the Web site and from time to time reported by us.

We Gather And Use Information

We only gather personal information when necessary and will allow you to submit the information we need willingly. When you email us or apply for a work opening, we can gather information such as your name, address, and other personal data.

In order to fulfill our obligations and give you the service we anticipate, we use the details we gather. This involves giving you contact material and deals. You agree to our handling of your personal information in a recruitment process by submitting your request/interest.

We can share with associates or other parties non-personally aggregate details on traffic trends for our Website users. However, we explicitly forbid information about human users to be disclosed, marketed, or transmitted to any unauthorized third party.


You will opt-out at any moment if you choose to be excluded from all possible communications by asking us not to contact you. You should opt-out of your submission by emailing [email protected]

Secure your personal details

  • We shall take the steps required to:
  • The guard from unwanted entry, leak, alters or loss the personal information gathered.
  • Maintain up-to-date your personal details in compliance with the appropriate legislation.
  • Make sure our associates and third parties take appropriate steps to ensure that sensitive information about you is kept private.


Technologies such as “cookies” can be used to record information about interactions, capture visitors, and access information to our site, which helps us to continue enhancing our offerings and supplying our site users/guests with more and more usable tools.

Cookies are knowledge bits that are typically used for record-keeping purposes on certain websites that can help sites, for example, maintain their preferences. A cookie does not mark a user/guest directly.