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Are you looking for an FX (Forex) brokerage business plan? Do you want to jump straightaway into the business? Well then, LaunchFXM is an FX solutions website where you can get the complete package for all your Forex needs. We hope that is what you are looking for if you are looking for a long term in the Forex industry.

Things you need to excel in the FX industry

  1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

First of everything, a sturdy CRM is what any brokerage business must have. We have got much efficient CRM solutions exclusively for forex brokerages. The main advantage of our CRM solutions is that you can integrate them easily with your existing tools.

  • White Label solution:

A well-customizable white label solution is the next thing you need. MetaTrader is leading platform for most white label forex solutions. If you are looking to do fishing using net than bait, MT5 is recommended as it is the advanced one in the forex industry currently.

  • Social trading platform:

Nowadays, more new clients are signing up forex brokers with advanced social trading softwares. In reality, most investors are looking for opportunities to employ their financial investments in a secure Forex exchange.

So it is very important to have an excellent social trading solution which attracts more investors towards you.

LaunchFXM is such an FX solutions website where you can get all these features at an affordable cost. Check out us for more.

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