How does White Label Forex Solution differ from Grey label Forex solution?

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Unlike Grey Label forex solution which is ideal for startups/amateurs with low investment targets, White label forex solution gives you the license to be an individual brand in forex trading. 

If you’re an entrepreneur or an investor, we hope you understand the fact that launching is only the beginning. Let’s look how these forex solutions actually work.

Introducing Broker (IB)

This is the firm that partners with a primary broker acting as a bridge between the client and the broker.

The Process for being an Introducing Broker is getting your own Introducing Broker ID. This can be done by contacting a brokerage firm which you can further share to get clients for brokerage.

Grey Label

Grey Label usually is ideal for startups as in this process, you obtain license from a White Label broker to act as a brand.

Though it provides control over the client groups, sometimes clients could get confused with the 2 different brands which is a drawback as it leads to loss of commitment and image of the brand. As commissions and maintenance fees are higher in Grey label solutions, you could lose some of your profit when your investments go higher.

White Label

White label solution is making use of a trading software and putting your brand name on it. It make use of the advanced Forex technologies such as MetaTrader4 (MT4) and MetaTrader5 (MT5). So, this solution is ideal for those who look to be a Forex trader with an eye to create their own brand in the Forex Industry.

At Launch FXM, we offer both the solutions to our customers as per their needs and that too at affordable prices so they can excel. 

Why should you prefer White Label?

To keep running in the Forex industry as a brand, White label solution is recommended. Because, it is making use of technologies which are running successfully in the forex industry. Also, with a white label, you are already recognized as a brand. This means you got the potential to attract more customers.

Though White label forex solution is cost effective than Grey label with higher investments, some providers are still charging hidden costs which is not the case with LaunchFXM. 

We can help!

Our specialized team is efficient in making use of MT5 technology at its full potential to ensure uninterrupted and secure trading. Check out more for happy trading with our forex white label solution!

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