Is MetaQuotes Technology Provider the best in the market?

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It may sound an overstatement but there’s not really any better platform than MetaQuotes Technology Provider (MetaTrader 4 & MetaTrader 5) which are two of the leading platforms in the forex trading industry. 

Contrary to the belief that MT5 is the upgrade of MT4 technology provider, both the platforms serve different functions. Both the platforms offer pioneering automated trading systems equipped with expert advisors and an intuitive user interface with customizable features. Yet, there are significant differences between the two.

MT4 & MT5 – How do they differ?

Specially built for forex traders, MT4 technology provider certainly has its own reputation for its mobility and powerful security system. It has multiple features such as easy-to-read interactive charts, expert advisors, custom indicators and multi-device functionality.

All these features have made it a classic stand-alone platform which can enhance your Forex trading experience.

On the other hand, MT5 is designed to provide traders with access to stocks, futures and CFDs. It can be understood that one of the main objectives of MT5 is to offer new, improvised functions than MT4. 

Furnished with advanced graphics, execution types, analytical tools and balance transaction types, MT5 gives greater access to financial markets. Its fundamental technical analysis, automated trading and rich functionality equips you with the best tools available. 

An integrated economic calendar and email system alongside an embedded MQL5 community chat that makes you feel confident and enables a sense of empowerment.

As we can see, both the platforms of MetaQuotes Technology Provider are not extremely different from each other. Yet acquiring MetaTrader 5 gives you an upper hand when it comes to investment and business, end of the day. 

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