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The Economic Development Department (DED) is the government body responsible for issuing all permits for companies and persons that wish to work outside free zones on the Dubai mainland. A DED approved business is sometimes referred to as a “local operation.” DED serves as a single-window support hub for all local businesses in an attempt to promote business setup Dubai.

For several small and medium-sized businesses, it is preferable to get a local license so you can open an office somewhere in Dubai. You would have no alternative but to start a nearby approved company with such business operations. Unlike a free zone, you can not own 100% of the business and, due to your preferred operation, you would need a local sponsor or a local support agent.

License from Dubai Ministry of Economic Growth

Often international investors may not have complete control of your business and start up a free zone company, but a competent corporate agent can show you how your risk can be minimized and your business maximized.

We have specialist knowledge and unparalleled expertise in the procurement of Dubai commercial licenses

Company Setup Advisors will offer in-depth advisory, advice, and support to businesses and international firms pursuing local presence in the UAE. We partnered with one of Dubai’s most respected and trustworthy local companies to deliver a range of solutions to our customers.

Through our professional market consultants and comprehensive knowledge of the application process, we will facilitate a fast, cost-effective, and productive procurement of commercial licenses. We will help draft documentation that is essential to the application and ensure that they are all accredited and considered legitimate under UAE rules and regulations. In order to receive the Department Economic Development clearance, our team may also send papers, pay fees, and leasing the company premises.

Education of DED Dubai Business

Our staff is responsible for any task in the area of legwork and paperwork, in order to encourage consumers to concentrate on strategic plans, company policy, and challenges.

Our reliable end-to-end operation enables consumers to take advantage of a value-driven and trouble-free method that helps their organization to work.

Above everything, we eliminate the burdens and complications of handling requests for making payments to government departments smoother. Simply pick which of the three licenses your corporation is entitled to and we will initiate your application:

Industrial – given to firms engaging in industrial or manufacturing production
Economic – given to firms engaging in some kind of trade
Technical – provided to artists, makers of factories, and other crafts.

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