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trade license in dubai

Planning to start a Dubai company? Formance with municipal regulations and requirements in Dubai for a trade license.

Dubai is one of the most important commercial centers in the area of the Arab Gulf, ranked first among the Middle East free zones. Dubai is a significant source of attraction for traders and business people from around the world, whether because of its unparalleled status, which involves emirates in order to pertain to trading positions in the procuring of products between the Western and East areas, or a free market system without taxation from businesses, private individuals or FDIs.

There are laws and regulations for the creation of enterprises in each country and the UAE is not different. Formance with municipal regulations is important for developers and investors. Understanding the legal criteria is necessary to mitigate problems during the formation of your company in Dubai.

Like other countries, Dubai operates along a variety of rules and regulations to create a business. Accordingly, the best interest of businesses and investors in complying with UAE laws is demonstrated by the correct Criteria for company registration along with its pre-requisites. The written notice should provide sufficient clarity for these budding entrepreneurs so that a business license can be issued in Dubai. The below responsibility must comply with the legal requirements of all the relevant authorities before beginning business practices in Dubai and ensure full economic benefits to the company authority:

Legal Requirements

  • Identification of the divisions (industrial, commercial, and professional) and the forms of operations for the company.
  • Identification of all relevant business practices that fit each business license and manage it, with a limit of 10 operations/licenses.
  • Identification of the required legal structure of the company to satisfy the company and intensity of business owners and nations.
  • Identifying all the conditions and criteria for the acquisition of the appropriate license.
  • Identification of the trade name.
  • Submission of the application via Telephone, via means of a letter establishing an advising firm / legal contractor or even directly to the Department for provisional approval (valid for 6 months).
  • Registration of the trade name and tentative approval via Phone, a consultancy / legal attorney for paper clearance, or in person.
  • Rent a corporate office (suggested to provide a company position search for the business activities in the counter covering the planning department of the Dubai municipality)
  • preparation of the necessary documentation such as evidence of certification and the memorandum of affiliation of the other government authorities.
  • The order for a final license has been forwarded to the authority.
  • Payment of the trade licensing fees and compilation.

Basically there are three general types of licenses issued in Dubai on the basis of the kind of commercial operation required for the registration of a corporation. The following are:

  1. Industrial License: must be given to an undertaking relevant to production operations.
  2. Commercial License: A commercial license is given for some form of operation.
  3. Professional license: This is to be given to different workers, experts, artists, and service providers. Professional license.

The Dubai Department Economic Development is the primary authority for licensing. It is the prime responsibility of the agency to provide licensing programs in different locations.

It should be remembered that, according to Federal Law No 8 of 1984, the owners of the private corporation shall not be fewer than 3 individuals. A UAE national wants the assistance either as a partner or as a service agent (for technical licensing) for acquiring a license. The above shall endorse the application in Dubai for a trading license and the procurement of a trade license extension.

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