Sharjah Airport International Free (SAIF) Zone Company Setup Cost

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saif zone company setup cost

Sharjah Airport International Free, SAIF Zone Company Setup Cost offers one of the region’s most desirable market rewards, such as the pace of operation and process flexibility. Variousness was always one of the key goals of SAIF-ZONE. The solutions are built to suit every company and every situation from a single officing region to whole production plants to all in between.

With over two billion people on a four-hour flight and one of the most competitive emirates in the UAE, Sharjah accounts for more than one three third of the country’s manufacturing activity, the customer base in the SAIF zone is among the biggest in the world from a central hub.

The lowest prices and best quality care available for stores, storage facilities, container parks, bunkers, and workhouses. In addition to funding and visas, SAIF-zonE provides unrestricted workers to support the company in order to make the transition to a new career as easy as possible.

These options allow saif zone company setup cost, which has the additional personal, business, and competitive value of 100% foreign ownership, 100% return on capital and profit, and 100 % free flow of funds, to be used by some of the world’s most prominent firms working in the Middle East.

SAIF-ZONE market benefits:

The advantages of SAIF Zone operations are immense. With 25-year lease maintenance mechanisms for a final deposit, the deal provides 100 % foreign investment exemption for personal and business income tax. Licenses and ‘one window operation was released the same day.

SAIF-ZONE market premises:

The Park of Production.
Nation on rent.
Warehouse prefabricated.
Warehouse temporary.
Accommodation in the SAIF Labour Region.

SAIF-ZONE licenses available:

  • License dealing.
  • Commercial license:
    The overall limit is three related product lines, which are the production, sale, distribution, consolidations, collection, or collection of particular products under the license.
  • Trading General:
    Under a business license that permits a wide number of goods, a general trade license can be issued.
  • License for service:
    The holder can perform only the services stated in the license by means of a service license. Unless otherwise prohibited by the federal or municipal authority, all forms of operation are permitted.
  • License for Industry:
    Import, fabrication, refining, assembly, packaging, and export of raw materials.

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