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shams free zone license

The Free Zone of Shams is the country’s latest freeze. The regulatory body is responsible for awarding business licenses to businesses, freelancers, and entrepreneurs engaged in manufacturing, media, and creative industries.

Shams Freezone offers the creation and registration of Sharjah free zone businesses cost-effective and functional. At Business Setup Consultants DMCC, we have a dedicated team of business set-up consultants who can support and keep the business configuration process simple and stress-free for you.

The Freezone encourages investors, traders, and developers to set up a 100% global company and to optimize the value of a world-class, cutting edge and innovative enterprise center. It incorporates facilities with high quality at relatively low prices.

Get Your Trade License Sharjah Freezone And Launch Today

As Company Configuration Advisors, our mission is to promote connectivity for innovative developers, startups, small and medium-sized firms, and existing businesses, with the hope that their presence will extend at the local and international levels.

Shams is a creative project that builds and promotes good relationships with talented people who are the core of their work. It cultivates an innovative future-oriented culture that aims both to inspire and shape the environment and to celebrate many people and group achievements.

Free Zone Business Setup of Sharjah Media City

Shams Freezone is located in the Sharjah Islands, an area that offers world-class facilities and business services for businesses and people with a range of skills, physical, cultural, educational, and contemporary skills. It delivers clever and creative options that are complemented by a balanced approach to the environment. It values localized content and expertise, while aggressively promoting entrepreneurship in its successful culture.

Freezone Company’s advantages in Sharjah

  • Sharjah Freezone 100 % foreign ownership
  • 100 % tax waiver on all products imported and exported
  • Exemption of 100% from all state government consumer deductibles
  • 100% capital and tax repatriation

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