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Offshoring global demand for a clean, stable, and confidential jurisdiction for the incorporation of Foreign Business Corporations (IBC), RAKICC was set up RAK offshore company formation, thus raising the profile of Ras Al-Khaimah as a primary investment destination.

RAK ICC Offshore ensures full secrecy and anonymity in a closed book registry. The holder of IBC was kept secret, meaning that all persons and company customers have a highly favorable market climate.

RAK ICC (RAK Foreign Centre for Corporate Affairs)
UAE registered RAK Offshore Agent

Bank Deposit Offshore Business Setup

RAKICC is not a dependent or “outer” territory and, as such, is not exchanged or interacted with any “principal” or agency overseas. Unlike several other offshore tax havens affiliated with the EU Member States, Ras Al Khaimah is not subject to the EU Savings Tax Directive. Company Setup Consultancy will help you get an offshore RAK firm in the UAE. You can open a company bank account in the UAE with RAK Offshore Firm.

Offshore Business Preparation Specialist Support

Company Setup consultants will provide detailed help and advice in creating an offshore RAKICC company as a specialist business consultancy. Our team of experts will provide end-to-end advice to ensure that business forming is smooth and seamless. Our plans can be customized to suit our clients’ unique requirements, needs, and budgets.

If you are a business idea developer ou ahead of an organization that is involved in the UAE, we will provide you with a tailored corporate training program that suits your business priorities and long-term goals.

From the Bank Reference Letter to the company certificate of incorporation, approved and accredited by the UAE Embassy, our consultants will provide assistance in preparing related documentation and obtaining necessary certifications.

You can concentrate your attention on the most critical topic, creating more revenue, with our company developers and consultants at work.

Start With The Training Phase

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