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business setup in sharjah

Shams provides knowledgeable creative services to start-ups and small and medium-sized businesses and existing corporations. Launched as a world-class platform for modern services to business owners within niche media and innovative industries, Shams is aimed at making the innovative enterprise open to everyone as a diverse project, a forward-looking and inclusive culture. Business Setup In Sharjah Media City.

Shams sets the benchmark for quality and assistance to those who want to start their business with unique facilities for the artistic and media markets, as a world-class free zone center for creativity. In combination with a holistic community-oriented approach, Shams provides insightful and creative programs with a heavy emphasis on local content, actively promoting business creativity within a flourishing community.

The aim of Shams is to make innovative entrepreneurship open to emerging startups, small and medium-sized enterprises, and existing companies aiming to grow both locally and internationally. Shams is a creative project that develops a close relationship with talented people.

Licensing Type:

License Service:

  • Resources, i.e. non-goods, are given.
  • Provides utilities as the main purpose for the consumption of items such as restaurants, television productions, etc.
  • Manufacture.

Trading Licence: the selling and export of commodities in Shams: commodities transport, wholesale and retail trade, the distribution of services related to the production of certain goods.

The license of the industry: Import, reproduction, refining, and export of products.

Shams’ business facilities:

  • Setup solutions for businesses beginning with Dhs. 11,500 people.
  • Not needed for your new business to be present in the UAE.
  • You don’t need NOC to start your own business Setup In Sharjah Media City.
  • No pay-up equity or annual audit money.
  • Ownership of 100% international.
  • Money and benefits 100% repatriation.
  • Free transfers of money 100 percent.
  • Import and export duty of 0 percent.
  • For 50 years, percent income tax.
  • Both papers in 2 days. Both paperwork.
  • Unfavorable workers and quick training.
  • Extensive operations covering various immigration programs, commerce, and manufacturing permits.

Company formation in Shams:

LLC Shams Shams

Shams LLC


  • Independent corporate organization
  • Right to get a license
  • Sponsoring employee(s) entitled
  • Right to open a corporate bank account

An individual corporation, Shams Limited Liability Company (LLC), which distinguishes owners and lenders from the company by its form. Hence the corporation’s liability, whether in contract or in some other manner, are the liability of the corporation and not the shareholders’ personal liabilities. Likewise, the properties of the corporation are the assets of the company and not the owners ‘ personal assets.

Shams branch


  • Right to get a license
  • Sponsoring employee(s) entitled
  • Right to open a corporate bank account

A Shams branch is a subsidiary of a parent corporation already founded. The income, rewards, dividends, and other division returns shall be the parent company’s asset, advantages, income, and other returns. Likewise, all branch charges, expenditures, loans, and other liabilities are taxes, salaries, losses, and other parenting business losses.

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