UMM Al Quwain Free Zone Company Setup Cost

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umm al quwain free zone company setup cost

Here we will tell you Umm al Quwain free zone company setup cost

Umm Al Quwain FTZ is convenient for developers within 45 minutes of the Dubai International Airport. It’s a dynamic free zone primarily built to attract small and medium-sized companies and micro-entities that benefit from the favorable set-up prices, 100 percent corporate ownership, and zero currency restrictions.

UAQ FTZ is located between the main maritime ports of the UAE and one hour drive from Dubai’s Regional Airport and the Regional Airport Sharjah, offering convenient connectivity to the rest of the country.

Offers UAQ FTZ:

Flexibility and market convenience.
Pleasant attitude to consumers.
An environment conducive to investors
Huge prospects for growth.
Cost-efficient office and storage rental solutions.

License Types:

Business Licence: import and export of the products stated in the Licence, shipment, and storage. Three separate lines of products or 10 related lines can apply to a Commercial License.
The license of general trade: trade in a broader range of activities giving freedom and flexibility to trade in all goods permitted in the UAE.
Advisory License: organizations to provide professional or technical advice and are given to all categories of experts, including craftsmen. Two related practices are allowed.
Freelance permission: this enables a person, in comparison to brands or businesses, to act as an autonomous professional and perform business in his birth name.
Industrial license: import raw goods, then produce, process, assemble/package the products specified and export the products done.
Service License: operate the approved services, such as Logistics; Postal Services; Provider of Insurance Service, Travel Agency; Tour Services, Car Rental, and so forth.

Under UAQ FTZ, legal entities:

Creation of the Free Zone (FZE) – one participant.
Business Free Zone (FZC)-two to fifty participants.
A current section of an organization.

Facilities for business:

Business and personal tax 0 percent.
100% ownership of the company.
Money and benefits 100% repatriation.
No market capital needs. No market capital needs.
Free zone 100 percent exemption from import and export duty.
Complete spectrum of market practices authorized.
The registration process is easy and fast.
House, storage, and access to the property.
Two international airports and major shipping ports nearby.
Laws and laws that are helpful to customers.
Ideal place for small to medium-sized enterprises to micro firms.

Documents sufficient to open a UAQ FTZ company:

Copy of the owner’s passport.
The shareholders/directors’ copy of the Passport.
Proof of the owner/manager’s home address.
Type of inquiry.
Association memorandum and papers.
Incorporation warrant.
Determination of the Board and the attorney’s control.

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