Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority

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JAFZA began working in 1985 and stands out today as the Middle East’s leading center. JAFZA concentrates on long-lasting client relations, facilitating relationships with foreign companies by creating reliable, value-added services and rewards to fund them in world-class infrastructure so that they can benefit from tremendous investment opportunities across the country. JAFZA boasts of having won ISO certification in 1996 as the world’s first free zone. JAFZA, a free zone of over 2 billion citizens in the MEASA region, is one of the most quickly expanding free zones in the region.

Vision of JAFZA:

JAFZA is committed to retaining its influential position as an encouraging icon for Dubai’s growth, offering thrilling and endless industrial development opportunities as MENA’s largest free zone.

JAFZA will be one of the most important maritime air hubs in the latest construction in the Jebel Ali Free zone and its neighboring areas. It is complemented by a six-lane motorway that will ensure that materials stay customized, helping to reduce delivery time since they are brought in just 20 minutes from port to freight aircraft. The only open region in the western world from one of the biggest airports and a maritime port is the Jebel Ali Free Zone. The Jebel Ali Free Zone has, on the one hand, Jebel Ali Port, the 7th largest container port in the world, and the International Airport Al Maktoum, on the other, one of the world’s largest freight airports.

Dubay and the UAE’s tremendous economic growth over the years has been one of the key factors for Dubai. With its exclusive value-added products and ideas, JAFZA has successfully drawn “crème de la crème” to all industry sectors worldwide.

Facilities and incentives for JAFZA businesses:

1.An active location:

  • Commercial Free Zone License.
  • Production of smooth visas.
  • Offices, stores, store units, and housing for workers, including:

2. A trading venue:

  • There are thousands of merchants below one roof.
  • A new and innovative atmosphere suitable for healthy storing of merchandise near your retail store.

3. A market place:

Forms of training:

The number of owners decides the type of development in the Jebel Ali Free Zone of firms.

Several lenders

A Free Zone Company (FZCo) can be formed in the Jebel Ali Free Zone by 2 to 50 shareholders. These shares may be persons (2 to 50 persons), non-persons (2 to 50 companies), or both together. FZCo is effectively a risk related with the company’s liabilities confined to paid-up money within the free zone.

A public corporation (PLC) in the Free Zone may also be formed by two to 50 owners. These owners may be individual entities (two to 50 entities), non-persons (2-50 businesses), or both together. A PLC is effectively a Free Zone Defined Obligation Relationship with its obligations confined to paid-up money.

Regards a free zone establishment (FZE) in JAFZA can be used in a single shareholder, be it person or corporation. An FZE is basically a Free Zone limited liability corporation. FZCo is mainly a limited liability corporation in the free zone, with the company’s liabilities limited to pay-off money. An FZCo has a separate legal identity than its shareholder and a normal person’s ability, rights, and privileges.

Any defined internal agency

Any organization already established outside Jebel Ali Free Zone can register a branch within the Free Zone. A branch is a parent company’s legal entity; 100 % owned, functions under the same name, and runs the same business.

Form of License:

Lease of the commercial: commercial operations to be carried out.

Industrial License: produce operations to be carried out.

License Service: operations conducting services.

E-Commerce License: procurement and distribution via electronic networks of products and services by all means.

National Industrial License: produce operations where the citizens of an AGCC state have at least 51 percent of the holding.

License for innovation: to create innovative products and services.

Registration offshore: to set up a limited liability-based offshore corporation.

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