Industrial City of Abu Dhabi (ICAD)

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Abu Dhabi Industrial City is situated on a 40 square km strip of the region, with numerous clusters and vantage points, on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi city.

Any ICAD cluster has a world-class infrastructure and stable networks of services and communications. ICAD provides convenient access to fully modern highways, storage, and distribution hub access to many ports and airports conveniently and reliably. Business access from Abu Dhabi to Dubai is easily reachable by shore, land, and over 200 air routes.

ICAD complements current and proposed projects that are sufficient to meet potential demands and expansion, proposed, developed, and conducted under the highest technological and environmental standards, to address the needs of many consumers with a variety of heavy and light industries from the steel and metal to the products used in construction and logistics to oil and gas.

Industries featured:

  • Metals & Manufacturing
  • Industries General
  • Plastic and Chemical
  • Services to oil and gas
  • Materials for construction
  • Industries of strong quality
  • Factory Units Advanced

ICAD market advantages:

  • Excellent services
  • Outstanding market climate
  • Efficiencies in management
  • Abu Dhabi Airports, Abu Dhabi Ports Strategic Positions
  • Tax of 0.0%
  • Economic and capital repatriation.
  • Existing areas:


ICAD I-strong to medium industries such as metal, building, fiberglass, and plastics assembly, for instance, produce, manufacturing, and refining. ICAD I occupies a 14km2 surface area.


ICAD II: Light-to-medium manufacturing, including steel, construction materials, oil, coal, refining, and distribution.


light-to-medium engineering and globally based manufacturing sector. The major focus sectors in this field are wood processing and manufacturing, chemicals and plastics, building materials, high-technology industries, food, and textiles.

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