Dubai Biotech Research Park

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dubiotech free zone

A scientific and business park for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry and is modeled on a definition of a free zone, the Biotechnology and Research Park in Dubai (biotech free zone).

DuBiotech, a Dubai Holding Member, will accommodate and promote the R&D sponsored by the government in biotechnologies. Incubators, R&D laboratories, biotech based educational and research institutes, development as well as companies from the supportive and convergent sectors involve DuBiotech’s world-class infrastructure. This includes resources and technology.

Dubai Auto Zone has been developed with the goal of exporting vehicles back to the area of Asia and Africa with growing demand.

Dubai Biotech‘ serves the whole value chain of life sciences by delivering crucial infrastructure investment and funding initiatives for the business, academia, commerce, and homes

It provides a special economic climate with complex facilities, utility funding, free flow of money, tax-free profits, and convenient access to numerous markets. The park has customized installations include biomarker towers, a nuclear laboratory complex, and storage facilities to facilitate an increasing body of research, development, production, delivery, and services. DuBiotech, which aggressively develops relationships with distinguished institutions, skilled hospitals, and world regulatory bodies, supports companies such as Pfizer, Amgen, Merck Serono, and Genzyme, among others.

A blend of DuBiotech rewards gives businesses a special business climate to start-up in the area. Moreover, DuBiotech already attracted key players from the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors, investors, pharmaceutical firms, and business support providers, thanks to the tax-free climate. For life sciences firms, like hazardous wastes, the DuBiotech provides the necessary infrastructure, supporting customs logistics and storage as well as integrated research and development facilities. The International Standards Regulations extend to all organizations based at DuBiotech. The potential involvement of the doctoral programs of Life Sciences University and BioTiqania was also discussed, as well as the Center for Further Education for Technical Research and Certifications. DuBiotech is involved in developing branches and partnerships with renowned universities, specialist hospitals, global academic institutions, and other science parks to connect the DuBiotech group to the global biotechnology industry. Companies who are licensed in or below the park have their free area status with a single bouqué of trading advantages and benefits.

Benefits of Free Zone:

  • Ownership of 100% international
  • Return in earnings in 100%
  • Tax deduction of 100%
  • Easy integration with minimum official requirements.
  • The long-term property lease guaranteed a 50 year personal, revenue, and corporate tax exemption
  • New technology in IT and Telecommunication

Activities Include:

Pharmaceutical, Food, Livestock, Scientific testing, Biotechnology, Medical equipment supply and manufacturing, Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Business, Environment. Moreover, businesses selling facilities like hotels, stores, laundry, and more can be recorded by the free zone.


Dubiotech is a framework that puts together all the essential elements for the activity and growth of biotechnology firms in one place. A special laboratory complex of a world-class with an area of 256,000 square feet and 25 storage facilities with a surface area of 5,000 square feet. The Leadership in Energy & Environmental Architecture (LEED) is accredited for all buildings on the free zone territory.


Activities for analysis

  • Commercialization
  • Commercial company
  • Logistics
  • Re-export and import
  • Advisory programs
  • Activities for operation
  • Public groups Public

Enterprise Types:

  • FZ-LLC (Free Zone Limited Liability Partnership Latest Incorporation)
  • International business division
  • A central business division

Conditions and terms:

  • 100% international capital holding
  • Benefit and resource self-distribution
  • 50 years complete service exemption
  • No taxes on goods and services

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