Dubai Airport Free zone Company Registration

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dubai airport free zone company registration

The Freezone Dubai Airport is ranked first in the world in the Global Free Zones & Awards 2012/13, by the Foreign Direct Investment Magazine. This award was received by DAFZA through its excellent corporate vision and well-developed strategies to represent customers and partners.

DAFZA, one of Dubai’s leading and most advanced free zones, is an excellent base for the industry in the Middle East by offering a comfortable business climate, world-class infrastructure, tax holidays, complete income repatriation, full ownership, and outstanding facilities. Situated near the international airport of Dubai, DAFZA provides fast clearance and quick paperwork handling to optimize business operations and results.

Created in 1996 and now the Dubai Airport Free Zone is a place for many foreign investors in the Middle East to look for business opportunities. The DAFZA is one of the fastest-growing economic zones in the region with over 1600 foreign companies in many parts of the country.

Forms training:

Configuration FZCO

The form of FZCO is similar to that of a limited liability corporation operating in the free region. Shareholders can be individuals, companies, or a combination of both.

The attributes of FZCO:

  • Can be of 1-50 (individual, corporate, or both) shareholders.
  • Minimal money from each shareholder: AED 1000 (USD 272).
  • AED 1000 (USD 272) worth for each share.
  1. Setup of the division

Established businesses will set up a DAFZA subsidiary of their parent company. There is no need to share capital.

Functions of the branch:

The parent corporation is 100 % owned.
Same corporate name as the parent company.
Mutual business as a parent organization.
This licensing choice is provided by DAFZA:

License of trade

The holder can exercise a trade license for certain goods, such as importing, manufacture, re-export, distribution, and storage.

License for Operation

A service authorization is guided to market-oriented entities and requires the company to offer the approved services. Note that a service permit is necessary in order to encourage the selection of a correct category in consultation with sales managers.

License for Manufacturing

The holder is authorized to conduct industrial, packaging, and assembly lightweight manufacturing operations.

License for general exchange

The holder can trade in general activities such as import, sell, re-export, stock, and distribute with the General Trading License.

Company advantages for DAFZA:

  • DAFZA is located next to the airport in the center of Dubai.
  • New infrastructure. Modern technology.
  • Facilities of world-class.
  • Administrative Single Window Comfort.
  • Management focused on investors.
  • Customs and fast clearance systems 24/7.
  • A dedicated hub for logistics.
  • Security 24/7.

Incentives for taxation:

  • 100% of the business tax exclusion is provided by DAFZA.
  • Tax credit on 100% of taxable income.
  • 100 % duty exemption for manufacture and export.

Favor of investment:

  • DAFZA assures 100 % foreign ownership of the firm.
  • Money and benefits 100 percent repatriation.
  • No limits on currencies.

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