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The Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone is an extensive commercial park developed by the Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC) subsidiary Skycity in an area of more than 12 square kilometers. International Airport near Abu Dhabi.

A free zone will speed up the economic diversification of Abu Dhabi by giving developers various advantages such as immunity from duties, 100 percent control of international businesses, capital repatriation and revenues, and access to the airport and airport facilities.

The Free Airport Zone has become a flourishing business center that attracts and fosters private sector investments thanks to its investment incentives and its strategic position within Abu Dhabi International Airport premises.

The services of Industry in the Free Airport Region of Abu Dhabi:

Exemptions from taxes

  • 100% Exemption from income tax
  • 100% Restriction from imports and exports
  • Tax deduction 100% on taxable taxes

Incentives for investment

  • 100 % foreign investment of the company
  • 100% Capital and profit repatriation

Additional advantages

Free Zone of Abu Dhabi: Infrastructure Benefit:

  • Aeronautics and planes
  • Overhauling and repairs (MRO) Repairs
  • Products to Airport
  • Support for airlines
  • Interior aircraft
  • Freight and logistical freight
  • Advisory programs
  • ICT and technologies
  • Transportation Transportation
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Events and Publicity
  • Headquarters Regional
  • Connaissance and production

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