International Media Production Zone

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media production zone

In order to better communicate with and communicate successfully, Dubai’s International media development zone (IMPZ) is intended to create a special cluster climate for media producers across the sector and around the globe.

The creative initiative of the Dubai government, under the patronage of the Dubai Holding parent group, is catering exclusively for companies in the following sectors — Graphics, Printing, and Packaging.

As a master developer, IMPZ establishes an atmosphere for development through the construction of key facilities, infrastructure investment, and the creation of an exclusive free zone which includes underpinned commercial, industrial, residential and local service projects. In the center of industrial Dubai, the massive complex will be located in a land of more than 43 million m2.

The IMPZ project is part of Dubai’s ambition of being a global media center. This offers a business-friendly climate, innovative technologies, and community resources to promote and encourage the advancement of media development.

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