Free Zone Fujairah (FFZA)

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free zone fujairah

Free Zone Fujairah is geographically positioned on the east bank of the UAE, with the goal that its developers – ACE – Accessibility, Connectivity & Economy – have three advantages. Here developed companies have convenient access on weekly feeder vessels to the Arab Gulf ports, to the Red Sea, to Iran, India, and Pakistan. Mainline trains are available frequently from Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, Far East, and Northern America and are provided twice a week from the Far East to North America and once a week. Fujairah Free Zone (FFA) is situated near the Fujairah Sea Port and Fujairah International Airport. It provides unmatched opportunities for aspiring and existing start-ups, ranging from licensing to cheaper tariffs and minimum startup times within one working day.

“Investors benefit from the three-fold benefit to Fujairah Free Zone: mobility, communication, and economy”

FFZ Corporate Services:

  • Multi connectivity by ground, sea, and air to local and foreign markets.
  • Investment areas of choice.
  • Regulation geared toward customers.
  • Facilitating developments effectively and commercially.
  • Complete security of assets.

Legal entities under FFZ:

  • International business section, like the business offshore.
  • UAE business branch. Branch.
  • Creation of free field.
  • Company free field.

Licensing Types:

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