Dubai Techno Park (DTP)

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The Dubai Techno Park is an IT park established in 2002. Dubai Techno Park is planned to encourage technology growth in the business region. The entire construction spans 21,000,000 square meters. Approximately 30 percent is room accessible (230,000,000 sq. ft.) property. Dubai Techno Park is a cluster of manufacturing, situated in the heart of Jebel Ali, the industrial city of Dubai.

TechnoPark also houses some of the world’s most influential electronics, petrochemical, oil and gas, and business businesses, making Techno Park a major industrial center in the Middle East.

DTP Business Preparation Types:

A private partnership with liability:

There should be between two and fifty owners. Shareholders’ responsibility shall be limited to their shareholding in the capital, but a national of the UAE should own at least 51 percent.

A Sole Foundation:

A single company entity is responsible for all the responsibilities of the organization. The owner shall be a national of the GCC or UAE.

To Civil Enterprise:

A legal corporation can be established as civil partners in compliance with Legislation on Federal civil transactions (5) of 1985, with its modifications, for activities involving the employment of technical skills gained through education and practice in a particular field such as business consultancy. Companies who are competent can be foreign-owned 100%.

Bureau Branch:

  • A Free Zone Development Branch (FZE).
  • A Free Zone Company (FZCO) Unit.
  • An L.L.C.’s section (covers all UAE limited liability enterprises).
  • A division of a single facility located in the Dubai Emirate.
  • A GCC Business Branch.
  • An external business division.

Business advantages of developing a corporation in DTP:

  • In the case of a branch of a multinational or a free zone corporation, 100 percent foreign ownership of industrial units.
  • Corporate tax rate of 0 percent.
  • Income and resources should be repatriated.
  • No limits on currencies.
  • No limitations on the appointment of international workers.
  • Up to 15 years of lifetime rental deal.
  • Single-window clarity and world-class facilities.

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