Dubai Studio City

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Imagine a place where you can capture a movie in one place from beginning to end. From sponsorship, pre-production, and shooting in exotic locations by editing, sound recording, video animation, distribution, and ultimately, the first night. Similar to Dubai Studio, imagine a room.

Launched in 2005, Dubai Studio City (DSC) offers the world’s leading television, film development, Media, music, and entertainment industries, and offers state-of-the-art facilities and services. Dubai Studio City offers a complete solution to make the manufacturing process simpler, more effective, and more creative. With its outstanding design facilities, the largest sound phases in the region, backlots, kits, water tanks, processing centers, recording studios, and offices, DSC satisfies innovative requirements world-wide.

DSC is a Hollywood infrastructure provider and a comprehensive city of home houses, restaurants, fitness centers, schools, and institutes built to drive the development of the film and television industry across an area of 22 million sq.ft.

Preparation type

Restricted Liability Partnership Free Zone (FZ-LLC):

An FZ-LLC shall establish itself, with owners as persons and/or corporations, as a distinct legal body.

Depending on the market operation, the minimum capital required for incorporation.

Foreign / United States Branch:

A branch is not a distinct legal body. It is a place of operation and is part of a parent corporation legally based. It handles any or any of the functions of the parent group. The capital of shares is not required.

Allowance free of charge:

The Freelance helps you to act as a self-employed worker. You are the only professional in the authorization. In comparison to a brand name, this allows you to run your company in your name.

Production & Broadcasting Licensing Types issued

Dubai Studio City market advantages:

  • A 50-year personal, income and corporate tax exemption guaranteed
  • There are no customs taxes
  • Operating costs are compared to lower
  • The opportunity to channel huge untapped capital to project funding and long-term investment from local investors
  • Opportunities to build networks
  • 100% owned by the corporation

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