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First Free Zone in the World
Specialized in the external market

Would you want the next surge to be outsourced?

The next wave of outsourcing is heading towards higher business processes with expertise as an essential component with the continued growth of outsourcing. In this respect, Dubai strives to join the ranks of the leading knowledge economy in the world.

Dubai Outsource City (DOC), a business park devoted to local and foreign outsourcing businesses, was introduced in 2007 to satisfy consumer demand for outsourcing firms.

Outsourcing (BPO), HR Outsourcing, IT Outsourcing, back-office, and call center activities are assisted through DOC.

For enterprises that want a UAE free zone to develop themselves, DOC offers a robust, purpose-built infrastructure.

DOC Corporate Partner’s 100% corporate participation and tax-free sales and value-added resources such as networking tools, site maintenance, market recognition projects, and government benefits are some of the free zone advantages provided.

DOC provides modern office space, reliable telephone facilities, maintenance of equipment, and 24-hour surveillance service.

DOC Organizational Preparation Types:

  1. FZ-LLC: a corporation founded by its own owners as a separate legal body. Free Zone Limited Liability Company. A minimum capital required shall be defined in compliance with the registered business activities:

    a. FZ-LLC as a shareholder with a business individual;

    b. FZ-LLC as a shareholder of normal and business person;

    c. FZ-LLC as a shareholder of the normal individual.
  2. Foreign / UAE Corporation Branch: a legitimate corporation that depends on its parent company and is willing to have a corporate position other than its parent company headquarters. No minimum capital is appropriate.

The benefits of creating an enterprise in DOC:

  • Tax Climate 100 percent 50 years free;
  • Ownership of 100% foreign;
  • No tax or capital restrictions;
  • Returning;
  • Rule on Strict Attrition;
  • True land costs reduced;
  • “Administrative Management One-stop Store.”

License forms issued on the grounds of commercial practices in DOC: operation licenses.

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