Dubai Knowledge Park (DKP)

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Dubai Knowledge Park

The only free region in the world devoted to handling human capital and achieving excellence. Regardless of whether you or your dependents apply, it is usually very simple to obtain a visa through the Dubai Knowledge Park.

Dubai Knowledge Park (DKP), founded in 2003 as part of the TECOM Community, is planned to build a talent pool in the area and establish the US as an economy focused on knowledge. DKP is a special center for the right options of HRM, Consultancy, Recruitment, and Staff Development services in general. Students are accredited by top-class DKP industry associates and diplomas of the highest caliber.

With the availability of high-quality institutes of creation and recruiting advisory services, DKP helps address market needs by supplying practitioners with necessary qualifications and training systems and by offering beneficiaries a home that can then supplement these new skills with employers.

Training styles of companies:

Free Zone liability company (FZ-LLC) Limited Liability Firm

This is a corporation founded by its own owners as an autonomous legal body. Depending on the market operation, the minimum capital required for incorporation.

Foreign / United States Branch

A division is deemed to be legally dependent on its parent, even though its headquarters are not in the headquarters of the organization. (No capital minimum necessary).

Open Firing

The Freelance licenses grant you the freedom to work in the capacity of a freelancing professional. The allowance respects you as a sole practicing professional.

Main advantages of starting up a DKP company:

  • Taxation, repatriation gain, owner’s interest.
  • Ownership of 100% international.
  • Money and earnings 100% repatriation.
  • There is no tax on gross income.
  • No taxes on businesses.
  • The members of DKP Free Zone also benefit from government and regulatory collaborations.

Activity allowed:

Computer training/ Language training/ Fine Arts Training/ Tutoring services/ Professional & vocational qualifications/ Professial & management Growth Training / CHD / HR / Ex. Scan Research & Development (Non-profit Organizations) and Association / Content Development/ Evaluations & Checking.

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