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difc dubai company formation

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Founded in 2004, DIFC was formed to oversee Dubai financial companies‘ strategic growth, organizational management and management. The Authority contributes its multiple members to building efficiency. The four-tier management approach of DIFCA reflects this commitment:

  1. Dubai Vision: contribute by upholding international norms, improving international ties, building industry and jobs and economic growth towards Dubay ‘s status as a global corporate center.
  2. Creation of technology: To have world-class technical, legal and regulatory facilities customized to the needs of the skilled and financial services industry.
  3. Financial sustainability: Ensure DIFC and its core entities’ financial sustainability through capital allocation, financial risk management and competitiveness benchmarking. Financial sustainability.
  4. Client-centered: Promote customer development by streamlining authority business procedures, optimizing quality, and developing customer service management systems.

The market benefits of creating a DIFC company:

  • Ownership of 100% international.
  • Null percent income and income tax average for 50 years from the beginning of the year.
  • Potential links to the large Double Taxation Treaty network of the UAE.
  • Right-without limits-to repatriate resources and income.
  • An independent world-class regulatory body collaborating with other financial regulatory agencies in key global jurisdictions.
  • England & Wales (the sole common law authority in the country) is the international legal structure founded on common law.
  • A completely open operating environment that complies with globally agreed best practices and laws and regulatory processes.
  • A primary and secondary foreign bond market comprising debt and equity securities.
  • Various legal vehicles which can be developed with versatility in capital structuring.
  • A pool of experts who live in and near Dubai.
  • Modern networks for travel, connectivity and internet.
  • Visa and work permits and other relevant conditions for a sensitive one-stop shop facility.

DIFC running regulatory bodies:

DIFC Authority

The DIFC Authority is the body that has the responsibility for supervising the operation and administration of DIFC, established in compliance with Dubai Law No 9 of 2004 as a juridical agency annexed to the Government of Dubai. Its duties include the development of a detailed plan and guidelines, supporting DIFCs and securing DIFC licensees

Dubai Financial Services Authority (“DFSA”)

Dubai Financial Services Authority (“DFSA”): The Consolidated Regulator for the Authorisation, Licensing, and Registration of Institutions and Persons who wish to perform financial and professional services in or from DIFC was set up under law no. 9 of 2004 and is completely independent of the DIFC Authority and the DIFC Judicial Authority. 

DIFC Judicial Authority (“DIFC Courts”)

The constitutional role of the DIFC Courts shall be to administer and execute the civil and commercial law of the DIFC (“DIFC Courts”). DIFC Courts have the following statutory function: 

Company Registrar (ROC)

ROC functions as a separate legislative entity set up as ‘Only-Corporation,’ according to corporate law. The ROC is responsible for recommending, obtaining, examining, and coping with the applications received in keeping with the Corporate Law, the Business Law, the Limited Liability Partnership Law or the Limited Partnership Law and the relevant regulations applied by prospective DIFC Registrants seeking to establish a presence in DIFC. 

Securities Registrars (“ROS”)

The ROS shall register and enroll protection committed against credits, warranties and other financial transactions and shall therefore grant priority. 

True Property Registrar (RORP)

The RORP covers buyer, seller and tenant owners’ interests. 

DIFC Investments

LLC DIFC Investments maintains and runs a diversified investment portfolio in accordance with its management policy and policies. It develops strategic relationships to promote the DIFC’s goals and priorities. DIFC Dubai company formation

Hawkama Corporate Governance Institute

The Hawkama Corporate Governance Institute is an independent corporate governance organization that has as its primary mandate the development of best practices for corporate governance in the Middle East. 

Mudara-Institute of Directors (IOD)

The Mudra Institute of Directors (Institute of Management) is a membership body that represents the Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA) directors, technical leaders, and governance practitioners. 

DIFC-LCIA Arbitration Centre

DIFC has been founded in early 2008 by creating the DIFC-LCIA Arbitration Centre, an international arbitration jurisdiction. The center provides conflict settlement services to industry and trade associations worldwide to a joint venture with the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA). 

Focusing primary areas:

  • Products Finance & Broking
  • Control of wealth
  • Captive and reinsurance insurance
  • Islamic ethical affairs
  • Services auxiliary
  • Markets for money

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