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The terms and conditions set out below are valid.

  • The website https:/www.launchfxm.com is the host of LAUNCHFXM SERVICES SETUP
  • The United Emirates Arab is our home country ‘which stipulates that the constitution regulates the local rules.
  • Payment is approved by Visa and Master Card and AED.
  • We do not negotiate with OFAC and the licensed countries or supply them with any facilities.
  • Customer who uses this website who is under 18 years of age does not file as a website user and is not entitled to trade on or to use this website.
  • A backup of sales documents and merchant rules and regulations shall be maintained by the cardholder.
  • The User shall be responsible for keeping his account secure.

Refund Policy

We can not repay our subscription costs. Any exchanging government payments may be reimbursed if government service is denied for any reason.

Reimbursement is achieved only through the initial payment mode.

Cancellation Policy

In the event of cancellations attributable to the denial of federal jobs, work would be deemed terminated, and government expenses would be refunded in compliance with the compensation program.

Payment Confirmation

After the payment has been made, an email will be sent for the receipt/confirmation of payment. Our accounts have at least 7 working days to calm down.

Online / E-Store

  • For outside country visa applications, the online kit is eligible. An extra government fee AED 1300 applies in the case of country visa procedures. (As per law, subject to change).
  • A 3rd party office desk is given. Any inquiries pertaining to the desk will also be answered by third parties along with payment by third parties.
  • A single ex-pat holder’s kit is. AED charges an annual government tax with more than one ex-pat member. (As per law, subject to change).
  • For the international trade name, the kit excludes./li >
  • For certain operations that have no international permits, the kit is applicable.
  • For processing visas that are not included in the kit, health care is mandatory.
  • If your company is not protected by the kit, you can obtain a complete refund.

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