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We help consumers to deal with their company issues

Our PRO Business Services line allows people and businesses to get regulatory permits and work to efficiently and effectively carry out the process. Customers will outsource all forms of maintenance activities through our PRO Company Dubai to ensure that all licenses are revised to approved on time.


PRO Services In Dubai

We will help streamline the company and reduce the time spent on administrative activities as a PRO provider in Dubai. We will make contact with government officials and advise you in all situations about the correct course of action.

  • Labor, Immigration and other federal agencies handling records
  • Profit Immigration Card and Labor Card Collection.
  • Ministries and departments permissions.
  • Partner formalities for visas.
  • Fresh job visa collection, extension, work permits, and cancelation of visas.
  • Health research papers are stored.
  • Visa visas and family visas – we endorse the spouse/child/parent visa process.
  • Housemaid visa sponsorship.
  • Typing Emirates Tag – Dubai / Abu Dhabi / Sharjah.
  • Load and export records attestation.
  • Help for both semi-government and government jobs.
  • A version of the statute

PRO Services Providers

PRO programs are provided by our consumer and business consumers, who pursue minimum regulatory permits and employment. Our PRO services line offers consumers with a realistic way to upgrade and renovate their permits. As a result, the consumer will concentrate on business development.

For this service, the service provider promises that a qualified specialist performs all the paperwork. Perhaps notably, early licenses often shield consumers from regulatory fees.

A PRO Services supplier maintains that the customer’s enterprise is operating year-round.

Retainer Contract Service

In a holding deal, the customer signs a contract with LaunchFXM that guarantees that the organization delivers PRO services to the consumer.

When the retainer contract is signed, all specifications for paper clearing and PRO services will be transferred from one person to a team of professionals. LaunchFXM operates Dubai PRO visa services. Our office will look after your documentary needs. This is a quicker way to handle your passport and other related papers.

PRO programs case by case

The outcomes of our PRO SERVICES differ depending on the circumstance and specifications.

Services For Fast Track

Our high-speed services speed up the operation. For eg, visa processing will only take two days.

MEA & MOFA Advising

Foreign Ministry & Regional Relations

A bond between the resident and non-citizens of the USA on one side and the entire world on the other is the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC). The Minister carries out many agricultural tasks, such as finance and international affairs, coordinating cooperation between the ministries of the government and numerous other facilities that support people, the private sector and diplomacy.

This blog discusses the role in terms of business companies of the Ministry of International Affairs. The MOFA is responsible for certifying certificates issued outside the UAE. A business preparing to create a Foreign Company Branch in the UAE shall testify to its full MOFA parent document in its country and UAE. Parent company papers, such as certificates of incorporation, Articles of association, Any resolution of the board prepared by an external company shall be approved by the MOFA to form its branch business in the United Arab States.

Apart from the Business Text, any certificate used in the UAE as evidence must also be MOFA certified. Personal records such as education, birth certificates, marriage certificates shall be approved by the UAE, whenever a document of this kind is provided as evidence for the care of residency permits or some other governmental services.

Except for business and personal documentation to even issue a lawyer outside the UAE, MOFA certification is required. Dubai Court can only recognize the jurisdiction of the advocate attested by MOFA if the POA has practiced beyond the UAE.

Apart from these records, even corporations’ invoices within and beyond the UAE may be verified as a measure which confirms the authenticity of stamps and signatures on invoices issued within, or beyond, the UAE.

In the event that the UAE does not have an embassy in the country concerned, papers have to be accepted by the country’s embassy in the UAE concerned. If the country involved does not have a UAE Embassy, records shall be notarized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the government accredited to the UAE, as (Mauritius-Jamaica-Moldova, etc.).


The Dubai Custom Authority is one of the leading government agencies because it sees quick and simple trade inflows and outflows. The customs have been in force for over 100 years and have undergone many stages. It is watchful of the boundaries of Dubai, which in turn contributes to good economic and social growth. As per the scores of the IMD International Center for Competition, the UAE has been guided by an effective customs process.

The commercial practice that is carried out must then be reported with the customs authority. Depending on the certificate, an individual can register for more than one service. However, before you file, you can ensure that the object you intend to import does not fall under restricted products. The UAE regulations are very strict when it comes to the import of forbidden products.

This is the list of selected products

  • domestic plants and poultry
  • Needed pre-approval
  • Could even perform animal medical experiments
  • Eating
  • Customs surrounding the regulation of food supplies for non-commercial reasons
  • Drugs and remedies
  • Tourists must be vigilant of drugs they are bringing when heading to the UAE. To stop these conditions, visitors should be recommended by their doctor.
  • Bulk bringing medicines needed prior authorization
  • Reviews: reviews
  • This includes artwork both tangible or electronic, not disagreeing with the values of Islam. If any other thing is discovered, you will be penalized, jailed, or even detained.
  • Professional Installations
  • For example, mobile phones, listening devices or recording equipment, radio transmitters, and powerful cameras/binoculars need the permission of the regulatory authority for telecommunications.
  • Alcohol and Nicotine
  • Older than 18 years should be
  • Alcohol does not exceed 4 liters
  • No. Tobacco should not be higher than 400, or the worth should not be higher than 2000 AED, and passenger cigars should not be higher than 3000 AED.


  • It decreases sales by reducing the potential for tax-loss by wasting time and effort
  • It helps to quantify the risk involved
  • With lower prohibition rates, the emphasis may be more on dangerous consignments.
  • One should reorganize its HR organization and employ more professional workers to deal with Dubai’s trade revolution.
  • Technically based knowledge on practical management of items
  • Meet any customer’s criteria and are open to ideas and views and provide more information.
  • Strategically exchanging knowledge so that it hits the right person
  • Consistent border protection and cooperation with other government agencies to regulate small imports and to safeguard customs laws and standards
  • Data collection based on classification and reporting of products shall be used more for strategic planning.

Certificate Residency Tax in the UAE

Tax Residency Certificate

One of the official certificates issued by the Ministry of Finance is a Tax Residency Certificate in the UAE. In order to prevent double taxes, the UAE has signed deals with 55 nations. Certificate of tax residency confirming the tax residence in a specific country of a business or person. It would also ensure that international firms do not have dual taxation; corporations from other taxing jurisdictions. The credential concerns any who are either enrolled who have a resident visa in the UAE.

A person resident in UAE is entitled to obtain a tax residency certificate for more than 180 days. UAE businesses will take full advantage of dual taxes, with the UAE signing dual tax treaties with many countries worldwide. Double tax treaties It is a bilateral agreement to shield overseas investors and corporations’ rights from other taxable jurisdictions. Offshore companies can not obtain a certificate of tax residence in the UAE because offshore companies are not listed under the Tax Treaty. Offshore businesses can receive the certificate of tax exemption instead of the certificate of tax residence. Only in the UAE may businesses be exempted from taxes.

There are also requirements for the issuance of the UAE tax residence stamp. It may take at least 2 months for the certificate to be issued until the correct paperwork is sent along with the application. In order to apply the TRC, the organization must have a minimum life of three years in the UAE.

Required Documentation For Businesses

  • Both business reports
  • Letter of inquiry from the organization.
  • Passport copy of member, visa link, identity copy
  • Income results audited
  • Financial accounts for 6 months
  • Copy of Tenancy Touch and EJARI
  • Government payments will be around AED: 5.000.00

Necessary Documents For Individuals

  • Copy and visa version of the passport, Emirates ID
  • Communication Tenancy and EJARI
  • Source of sales/certificate of pay
  • Financial accounts for 6 months
  • The immigration report says that the individual has stayed in the UAE in Dubai for several days
  • Government payments are around AED: 2,000.00

Account Opening in the UAE Assistance

Opening of a bank account in the UAE

Opening a bank account is a very critical part of every company’s licensing. Support us open an account or connect you with Dubai offshore banks. Our relations with different banks allow us to help both Freezone and continental companies open a UAE bank account.

Banks have various paper specifications, minimum capital criteria, and specialization, among others in some industries. Depending on the situation, the solution can differ. We will give you a list of appropriate and trustworthy banks based on our customers’ needs and preferences.

In addition to standard open account documentation, supporting documents, such as invoices, reference letters, etc, may be needed in certain situations. If the company is a franchise, documentation regarding the parent corporation and bank statements are needed.

Most UAE banks demand that the minimum balance be retained. Taking into account the nature of your market, we recommend banks that meet your requirements.

If an Islamic account is needed, we recommend the Islamic Emirates, RAK Islamic account. If an investment or foreign trade is needed, then we suggest Al Masraf. There are a variety of options available for a traditional form of account, such as ENBD, Mashreq Bank, First Abu Dhabi Bank, National Bank of Fujairah, Union National Bank, and ADCB, etc.

The opening period is dependent on different factors such as market location, domicile (Free Zone / Offshore or Mainland), and signatory nationality. In the continental industry, for example, enforcement approval is required before you can open an account. This is why opening the bank account takes more time.

A mixture of these various variables will impact the time period. It usually takes 10 days to open an account for a regular trading firm on the mainland with the necessary paperwork in order.

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