Dubai Freezone Company Setup Or UAE Freezone Company

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We will make the Freezone company setup Dubai or UAE a piece of cake for you with simple and easy steps. You can see all info below.

Overview of UAE Free Zone Business Registration

  • Many businesses have dropped their investment strategy in the UAE because of the mandate legislation of making a national of the UAE as a 51% shareholder of mainland firms. This has made free zones a common option in Dubai and around the UAE, where 100 % foreign ownership legally is allowed.
  • A free market / free trade region is a specified market that is specifically tax-free with limited trading controls, where goods can, without paying any customs duties, be produced, manufactured, imported/exported, or reconfigured.
  • UAE Free zones are geographically established at geographical positions such as state boundaries, international airports, and major seaports so that business owners can achieve their full market advantages.
  • The government of the UAE has established many free zones in the region, each with the goal of supporting companies in a particular sector.
  • Free trade zones in the UAE provide international firms with lucrative facilities such as ease of single-window management, streamlined bureaucracy, and 100% control. There are currently 44 free zones throughout the United Arab Emirates and several more. They have drawn foreign direct investment in the form that contributes to the national economy’s non-oil GDP growth. The free trade areas differ in the venue, forms of the company they serve, costs of operation, and the need for paperwork.
  • UAE is the only GCC country with many free areas that allow investors to run a wide range of businesses.
  • The first free zone in the UAE was set up in 1985, namely in Dubai, the free zone of Jebel Ali.
  • FZE (free zone establishment) is a limited corporation with one member.
  • FZCO (Free Zone corporation) is a listed free zone corporation with more than one shareholder
  • Every company from the mainland or from other countries can open a branch in a free zone.
  • — the free area in the UAE has been developed to facilitate those unique business practices. An investor must tell a skilled consultant to pick the right free field that better fits his business strategy.
  • An owner can also recognize the license liquidation process right from the outset because if the need arises, he knows the full procedure beforehand.
  • Free zone firms are called UAE onshore firms and are subject to 5% VAT, whether they exceed the level of annual turnover.
  • — registration of companies in the Free Zone is controlled by their own direct authority, which in turn is controlled by the particular Emirates.
  • Currently, many free zones sell virtual office services with either no visa requirements or unique visa requirements numbers at a very low exchange and service prices.

Registration company profits in the free zone

  • 100 % of foreign investment is approved
  • 100% capital and tax repatriation
  • 100% private, personal, and federal tax exemption
  • Exemption from both import and export tariffs and reduced charges for freight
  • Effective contact and single-window control practices
  • 24/7 organizational versatility
  • Freehold offices for sale or for rent (in some cases free of charge)
  • Able offices, warehouses, and recycling centers
  • Overpower supply
  • Special clustering and optimized networks for industry
  • Visa for 3-year UAE Residency
  • No limitations on the jobs of expatriates

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Important Notes

  • Free zone corporations can not work directly in the UAE continental countries. Either you need dealers on the mainland, or you need the department’s permission to work on the peninsula.
  • Free zone businesses are ideal for those lacking a continental company operation.

Documents Required to Setup Free Zone Establishment

  • Copy of the passport of the director
  • Shareholder’s company profile
  • Duly filled in submission
  • Connection letter from the bank (only in some cases)

Free Zone Company Needed Documentation

  • Copies of shareholders’ passports
  • Shareholder company profiles
  • Duly filled in submission
  • Bank reference letters (in some cases only) for all shareholders

Documents Required for Free Zone Configuration Branch

  • Related business records
  • Parent business Board Decision to open the branch and name manager
  • Copy of the manager’s passport
  • Project of Company
  • Duly done in a request form

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