What’s the difference between a White Label and an Introducing Broker Forex?

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Forex trading industry is growing so quickly that everyone needs to delve into profits and take a share. And it’s normal, it’s perhaps the only industry in the world that has seen tremendous growth in no consumers as well as everyday trading. introducing broker forex. The popular perception of forex trading is, there are only 2 basic aspects of forex trading–traders and brokers. But the truth is far from that. There are more than two options to enter this exciting forex trading business. But first, let’s study the fundamentals. Here are four main ways of forex trading. introducing broker forex.

Forex Trader – A forex trader is an individual who invests his money in currencies and earns higher-rate currency sales. A forex trader can’t do it all alone, he wants forex broker help.

Forex Broker – A forex broker is an entity legally allowed to facilitate forex traders and trade on their behalf, on the promise of some commission amount. Establishing a forex brokerage company is a complex task, which requires strong financial stability.

Introducing Dealer – An Introducing Broker is a person or organization that operates for the forex dealer and oversees a specific group of traders that are related to him. IBs operate on a joint commission basis with the primary broker and traders.

White Label – A White Label is a broking company authorized by bog forex brokers to function in their own name, take up trading orders from customers, and conduct them on the main broker site. Therefore, a white label company operates independently utilizing primary broker structures.

So, if you’re considering foraying into the forex trading industry as a broker, you can think about setting up your own forex trading platform and brokerage. This is a very complex process, safeguarded by so many different country rules and regulations. You also need big working capital to provide broking services to various traders. But without all the hassle, there are two options to do it — be an Introducing Broker (IB) or launch a White Label broker. We’ll analyze both in this post.

  1. An Introducing Broker (IB), as the name suggests, is an individual that connects the dealer to the broker. Simply put, they’re like individual broker operators who get in contact with prospective traders and support them by sign-up with the central (primary) broker. In this situation, all financial contracts and application operations are rendered with the main broker. And, if you’re first thinking about getting into the forex trading business, this is the best way to get into the forex trading industry and understand market nuances. introducing broker forex
  2. White Label Brokerage This is slightly higher than IBs. A White Label Brokerage is a small forex broking firm itself. It has its own risks, customers, support functions, and campaigns, except for one thing, they need access to the server of the primary forex broker and back-office support to carry out trading activities. The White Label Brokerage firms also make their profits according to their traders ‘ volume of trading. The terms and conditions between the White Label Company and the dealers are separate from the main brokers and in white label trading, the activities are autonomous.

What’s the IB and WLB difference?

The main difference between Introducing Brokers and White Label Brokerage is their technical flexibility and reach. The IBs play the role of intermediates between broker and customers, while the WLBs themselves are a broker using other primary broking firms ‘ server and tech help. IBs also need to obey the broker’s rules and regulations, and they have very limited freedom to negotiate terms and conditions with dealers, whereas WLBs are much more flexible than IBs. White Label Brokerage may handle their dealership separately. The key factor to consider here is profit size. According to the referrals they forwarded to the broking company, the IBs earn and collect payment for each successful referral as per the pre-decided words. At the same time, as per the magnitude of trading the traders do through their business, the primary brokers have no influence in that matter, which raises potential earnings.

The forex trading environment is turbulent but enjoyable, most notably rewarding. Everyone has rooms, with all kinds of financial capabilities. And it provides a stupendous return on investment, that’s why it’s so successful. You can also venture into the forex trading environment as a Forex Broker / White Label Brokerage / Introduction Broker or a Forex Trader. LaunchFXM would help you build your own forex broking platform and start your own business as a forex broker, with detailed consulting and cost-effectiveness. Whether it’s forex website growth, MT4 incorporation as WLB, or your own new forex broking company, LaunchFXM has years of industry experience and you can get all the help you need to launch your own forex brokerage. Call LaunchFXM via Skype or just click here.

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