Which MetaTrader platform to choose for Forex Brokerage – MT4 or MT5

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mt4 vs mt5

LaunchFXM is a leading software development company that develops trading platforms for brokerages, MetaTrader 5 banks, and exchanges.

Their popular products like FX Charts and MetaTrader 4, popularly known as MT4, have controlled the Forex & CFD trading room for over a decade.

This is because MT4 is the most sought-after forex trading website and set the norm among traders.

A few years ago, Metaquotes launched MetaTrader5 typically referred to as MT5, a MT4 counterpart with enhanced timeframes, features and benefits. Nonetheless, MT5 is not simply an improvement of MT4, because the latter was primarily built for forex trading, while MT5 was planned to provide direct forex links to CFDs, stocks and futures.

Given this, there’s always a doubt about which channel is stronger than the other. Let’s examine the variations between each of these channels quickly.

MT4 vs MT5 Contrast #1: Programming Language MT5 uses a different language similar to MT4, i.e. MetaTrader5 uses MQL5, MetaTrader4 uses MQL4.

Originally, the MQL5 vocabulary was the only platform that allowed individuals to use trading robots and other professional advisors. MetaQuotes, though, made it available to MT4 users a few years ago.

That’s no longer a disparity. That said, there’s a very good chance that potential updates won’t be applied to MT4 or even MT5.

MT4 vs MT5 Difference #2: Access to Financial Markets Initially, MT4 was developed to conduct transactions on the Forex market alone, but with many traders embracing numerous other methods, MT4 eventually extended and incorporated resources.

MT5, on the other side, was built to serve all major markets including securities, futures and FX trading tools. MT5 accepts infinite symbols while MT4 has a maximum cap of 1024 symbols.

MT4 vs MT5 Difference #3: Trading & Orders One of the typical day-to-day challenges most traders encounter with MT5 is that their orders are aggregated with multiple orders of the same commodity.

On the other side, consumers are much more relaxed using MT4, as each order is shown individually even when dealing with several asset orders.

Pending orders simply refer to potential buying or selling an item at a predefined date.

For MT4, it has four styles of order open, namely: buy stop, buy limit, sell limit and sell stop, while MT5 provides six types of order: buy stop limit, sell stop limit, in addition to the four provided in MT4.

MT4 vs MT5 Difference #4: Analysis & Charting capabilities Both MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader 5 are known for their incredible charting capabilities which make them the most desirable forex trading platform.

MT4 comes with a regular catalog of 30 technical indicators and 31 visual items, 2000 + free custom indicators, additional paid indicators, and 9-time frames to choose from as brief as 1-minute charts to one-month charts.

MT5, on the other side, provides 38 built-in technical indicators, 44 graphical artifacts, conveniently accessible to 21 specific timeframes. Besides the normal timeframes, MT5 provides two, eight and 12-hour maps that can be helpful to many day traders.

All websites provide the most common devices such as the Relative Strength Index, Stochastics and Bollinger Bands, as well as the drawing software Fibonacci and Elliot.

Conclusion: What interface is better?
It depends entirely on markets. Although MT5 certainly has additional features relative to MT4, novice or inexperienced traders may consider it difficult.

Someone relatively new to trading can find MT4 clear and simple to use. MT4 becomes an obvious choice in such situations.

Nonetheless, if your buyers are enthusiastic and experienced traders who may find the additional MT5 software helpful, then MetaTrader5 is worth considering.

Nonetheless, it is important to note that the most commonly used application is MetaTrader4/MT4.

LaunchFXM provides MT4 and MT5 Whitelabel solutions to tailor to your brand name, branding, and more. We also create custom plugins that work seamlessly with your trading platform alongside smartphone and cloud trading platforms.

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