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forex client cabinet

We assume you already understand what a forex client cabinet is and want to know about the LaunchFXM account what to look for in an ideal one.

To offer you a better understanding, let’s describe from a layman’s perspective the idea of a client cabinet or Forex trader’s space.

Looking at it best is like an online office space. Whether you want to make it space where your customers enjoy working or make them feel homesick and head for the door, that’s the call you have to take. This is the basic question you must ask yourself when designing or acquiring the room of your client cabinet or trader.

Taking the example of office space further, let’s look at the best and worst-case scenarios.

Today, there are quite a few office spaces designed like a lounge where all the things you need are easily made available at the comfort of your seat or couch, allowing you to pursue your business in a relaxed state of mind. The technology is state-of-the-art and constantly updated to ensure you are not slowing down. This is the ideal scenario, where anyone in this lounge loves working / hanging out there and looks forward to returning.

There are some others, though, who haven’t kept up with the current environment, who are packed with all the resources you need (maybe more than you need) but aren’t coordinated effectively. The space itself looks like an old school office with cubicles, and your desk is a mess of files and folders that makes you hate your work. The engineering is rusty, slowing down relative to your counterparts at other companies or workplaces.

In this scenario, as your work efficiency is affected, your interest drops and you’re thinking of moving to another organization with a better workspace. This is the key to knowing what your customer cabinet or trader’s room should look like and what to do!

Although the previous description may have provided you a basic understanding of what to search for in a company cabinet, let’s break it down into key points, so nothing is lost.

Client Onboarding: Once your demo has impressed a client and they agree to use you as their broker, onboarding is the next step where a few small errors can throw them off and make them lose any confidence they have in you based on your promises and demo. To avoid this, the onboarding process must be smooth and free of errors. The faster the Onboarding & KYC process is completed, the sooner your customers can start trading.

User Interface: As we’ve already established, your customer cabinet or trader’s room is where your customers spend most of their time. It makes it important that the interface is easy and user-friendly as an overly complicated one will drive people away sooner or later. The device look & sound often plays a major role as it influences attitude and interaction. An aesthetically pleasing interface brings tremendous value to the user experience, holding the consumers engaged in trading on your website.

Technology Integration: Ensuring your customer cabinet is well integrated with your CRM, and MT4/MT5 is a basic requirement for your customer cabinet or trader room. This allows you, as a broker, to easily track trading activities and client data.

Another important technical aspect to emphasize is integration with payment service providers (PSPs) for your forex brokerage. When set up, the company cabinet will make the funding phase as simple as possible for them. Because different customers have different payment choices, it’s necessary to integrate with all major providers and some can smaller PSPs.

Dashboard: A comprehensive dashboard with a snapshot of all customer trading and trade history is a must-have. This reduces the need to reach the forex brokerage for these trivial details.

Ease of transactions: The Forex Client Cabinet / Trader’s Room must have a single-click withdrawal and deposit function without too many complex procedures.

Access to alter client profile: Clients must be able to change their personal details such as phone number, address, email, name, etc. by sending appropriate Identification documentation that validate the desired modification (which should move the application to KYC process). After verifying the documents, the InstaForex account can be updated with updated information.

Additional features: Customers must be able to open additional trading accounts, manage their e-wallets, and move funds between their crypto and fiat wallets to fund their trading accounts. Additionally, if you are a broker offering leverage trading, you must be able to change the leverage percentage.

Multilingual: Since the forex market is multinational, with players from around the world, one way to make your international clientele feel comfortable is to deliver your products in their native language. While it may not be possible to cater for all languages, covering at least the major languages will ensure a much larger audience. You can then draw and transform customers from different regions, expanding the opportunities beyond comprehension. That said, it is important to ensure that your proposal is not lost in translation.

Security: This article wouldn’t be accurate if we didn’t mention security. Because a trader’s room or client area is a cloud-based platform, it is vulnerable to security threats. Therefore, a robust system will protect your clients and forex brokerage from such vulnerabilities.

Ticketing System & Support: Any business dealing with customers directly requires customer support, and your Launchfxm account brokerage is no exclusion. A meticulous ticketing and support system built in the Client / Trader room ensures that any queries or requests raised by your customers flow directly into your Forex CRM and are routed to your customer support team to be resolved as soon as possible.

All the above points can and should preferably be used as a guide to ensure you have the best customer cabinet or trader space.

Go ahead, try this checklist, or better yet, just ask a LaunchFXM demo to explore the room of a client cabinet/trader, LaunchFXM account that offers all these features!

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