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The best choice as a Forex platform to Launch FXM forex white label solution. Our white-label approach for forex HFT, forex and forex money management is optimized.

Forex Money Management with White Label Platform

Launch FXM also added white label services to Pamm, Mamm, Forex social trading, and Forex cash management system. We are therefore offering the best tools for forex money management. You’ll supply your clients with Pamm, a built-in ecn system. Under your brand, you can also build your own social trading network. As a result, the business will include better traders. You must take your supporters into your business. So they’re going to give you good volume. With your pamm, mam, and social trading network Forex, you can get many customers.

White Label for Forex High-Frequency Trading

High-frequency Forex technology for high-frequency trading is dedicated. LD4 and NY4 servers were launched by Launch FXM. It allows for high-frequency exchange trading strategies. Our price aggregator module provides you with very low latency and strong liquidity. Use your forex platform as high-frequency trading technology to bring high volume forex businesses into your forex firm. As a result, high-frequency trading systems from Forex will make most trades for you every day. Your customers make good volumes and without any risk, you make good money.

White Label for Forex Arbitrage

Forex arbitration techniques primarily check data feed from various sources. To last-look Liquidity Providers, Meta Technologies created multiple links. It makes Forex Arbitration EAs on your site as well as cost aggregation. Your Forex system is like the arbitration program for Forex. Forex arbitrators will be drawn too. Through offering a Forex arbitration forum, you will benefit from winner customers. Forex arbitrators would make your company good money since your system is well developed. They are your lifelong customers.

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