forex grey label solution

Manager for A book and B book

The first phase in starting a forex broker is Grey Label Forex Platform Director. You can adjust the levies and spreads of customers if you suit their margins. Deposits, deposits, and loans can be easily managed on the website. For both A book and B book forex models, Gray mark forex code can be used. forex grey label solution is a good alternative to the forex white label solution approach because the price and set-up are manageable.

Grey Label for A Book Forex Brokerage

Set API links are primarily used by book forex brokers for order transmission. That is, it’s the client conference. The LP contact with a gray label solution is a very simple process although it appears to be very complicated. Next, you’re going to download the manager app. Second, Meta Technologies will link you to the forex bridge. You can then provide detailed reports on the order transmission from your director. Our dealer plugin can also be used to prevent order misconduct. You also have the right to make deposits and withdrawals on the platform in addition to spread controller and leverage management. You can also build broker accounts in your business and agent accounts.

Grey Label for B book Forex Brokerage

Several forex brokers prefer a business model for B book forex. The basic tools for B-Book Forex brokering are a digital dealer plugin. You can identify and add to the dealer plugin your risk management rules! Plug-in is going to manage your rules. You can also use the dealer manually to enforce the risk management rules. You may accept or reject orders from the seller. In addition to the dealer, if the market is unpredictable, you can also use an extension changer. The manager user guide is given to you, and all information can be found in it.

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