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We respect your privacy at and we are responsible for protecting it. We will gather such data from you willingly or involuntarily, like all other websites. Please read about the remaining part of the Privacy Policy for more details. Payment Gateway NOT to be processed, sold, exchanged, rented, or leased to some third party for the credit/debit card data and for the personal information recognizable.  No debit/credit card data shall be transferred to third parties through Launchfxm Company Setup services  In order to provide privacy and protection, Launchfxm Busability Setup Services takes necessary steps, including by different hardware and software techniques. However, the confidentiality of information which is revealed electronically ( can not be assured  For the privacy policy of Websites, it connects the Launchfxm Company Setup Services is not liable. Different rules about the collection and use of your personal data which apply if you supply those third parties with any details. If you have any concerns about accessing the information they receive, you can email these agencies directly.  The policy and conditions of the website can be periodically adjusted or revised in order to satisfy the demands and requirements. The clients are thus asked to visit these pages regularly and refresh themselves on the website updates. Changes would occur on the day they are released. Browsing You can not gather sensitive information from us on this Site (http:/

Regulation On Consumer Grievances

To file your concerns, please contact +971581398086 directly on Grievance assistance or [email protected] Please be aware that the grievance request is issued and reported by an employee. He/she can not address/answer grievances on the spot. Key priorities for creating an optimal customer feedback mechanism? Issue solving at the lowest stage early before deeper-rooted injury issues. Structure to raise, fix, and...

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